Introduction to geometry definitions pictures:

The definition of Geometry pictures are the part of mathematics deals with the help of questions of size, shape, relative position of shapes, and the properties of space. Geometric pictures are one of the oldest sciences. At beginning bodies of practical knowledge are dealing perimeters, areas, and volumes. Definition of geometry pictures are closed plane figure. One reward of geometric pictures definition is the prospect to use and apply what you have learned. Let us we see geometry definitions pictures in this article.

Names of Geometry Pictures:

  • Triangle

  • Quadrilateral

  • Pentagon

  • Hexagon

  • Heptagon

  • Octagon

  • Square

  • Circle

Brief Description about Geometry Definitions Pictures:

 Definitions of Triangle geometry pictures:

Triangle geometry pictures

Triangle geometric shape is defined as polygons with three vertices and 3 sides which are line segments. The triangle vertices X, Y, and Z are denoted triangle XYZ. Triangles are generally classified as their types they are isosceles, equilateral, and scalene triangle

Definitions of Quadrilateral geometry pictures:


Quadrilateral geometric shape is a plane figure having four straight sides. The quadrilateral is made up of the words quad represents the four then the lateral represents the faces. The sums of interior angles of quadrilateral are equal to 360 degree. There are many types of quadrilateral are like trapezoid, isosceles trapezoid, parallelogram, rhombus, kite, square, and rectangle.Quadrilateral geometry pictures

Definitions of Pentagon geometry pictures:

 Pentagon geometry pictures

All five-sided polygons are known as pentagon. (A flat shape with straight sides)

Definitions of Heptagon geometry pictures:

Heptagon geometry pictures

A heptagon polygon figure is having seven sides. If all the interior angle of the heptagon is congruent then it is called as regular heptagon

Definitions of Octagon geometry pictures:

Octagon geometry pictures

       An eight-sided polygon is known as octagon. (A flat shape with straight sides)

Definitions of Square geometry pictures:

Square geometry pictures

The 4 congruent sided polygons is known as square (a flat shape with straight sides) where all sides have equal in length and every angle is a right angle (90 degree)

Definitions of Circle geometry pictures:

Circle geometry pictures

Circle is a geometric curve unshaped by the set of all points of a given fixed distance from a fixed point .The fixed points are called the centre and the fixed distance the radius of the circle.

Definitions of Hexagon geometry pictures:

Hexagon geometry pictures

A hexagon has six sides. The regular hexagons all its side of equal length and hence all vertical angles are equal and each being 120 degree. The vertex has three diagonals and hence it has fully 9 diagonals.